Who Am I?

Who am I? That’s a question I wish I could answer confidently. I guess in literal terms, I’m a 21 year old sign-maker who lives at home with my parents, brother and sister. I play the guitar and although I have always wanted to play in a band and try and make it, I think I just lack the confidence to go out and make it happen. As a guitar player, I’m obviously a big music fan. My favourite band would have to be Nickelback (yes I know and I don’t care) followed closely by Rob Zombie and The Beatles. That should give you a small insight into my musical taste so I won’t go on any longer about that. Apart from music another one of my passions is professional wrestling. Ever since a kid, I’ve been in love with the WWE. Becoming a wrestler is another one of my aspirations but with the band thing, I guess I just lack the confidence to go out there and make a go of it. Anyway that’s as much as I care to share about myself for now. Make sure to read my upcoming posts.


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